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Dr Bo W Wong
B.Chiro.(NZ) B.Soc.Sci(NZ) MNZCA

Dr Bo Wong

Many of you may already know me as I may have been looking after your family or friends or workmates or fellow sports team members for the past 10 years I have been practicing in Manukau.

My family has had links to this area since the 1950’s and I feel it is an honour to serve the people of Manukau as a Chiropractor.

I am a graduate of NZCC (B.Chiro) and also have a B. Soc.Sci from the University of Waikato in Hamilton where I was born and grew up. My parents were from Macau in China, and gratefully I am still able to converse in Cantonese. I played competitive softball and basketball as a teenager and my passion is human potential – physical and mental. My drive and mission is:

“To check and adjust as many families toward optimum health using natural chiropractic care.”

My mission has extended to the Pacific where I am extensively involved with the organization and operation of the NZCC Chiropractic Abroad programme in The Cook Islands. Every August we provide an opportunity for the people of the Cook Islands to recieve free chiropractic care from Chiropractic Interns from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

I am married and have one son, Nicholas. We all love sports, especially golf, cycling and watching the NZ Warriors and the All Blacks.

I find that most chiropractors have the same purpose – to help people.

The thing that makes us different than most other chiropractors is that I treat my patients like they are part of the family. The difference is that my office is more like a gym membership. Simply, you can come in any time during my regular clinic hours to get adjusted. NO appointment necessary! Bring the entire family.

You only have one body, and you should treat it right. The thing is, Chiropractic care isn’t just about back pain and neck pain and headaches, although it will help with stuff like that, it is really about taking care of you!

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Dr Amreeta Goundar
B.Chiro (NZ), MNZCA
Business Manager

-Joined the team in 2014

Dr Amreeta Goundar

I grew up in South Auckland, my parents didn’t know what chiropractors were or what they could offer us. It was new to us how adjustments could help with back pain. I had my first chiropractic experience when I was studying Human Anatomy at AUT. After my experience and relief from lower back pain I decided to pursue and help my dad with his life-long back pain.

Since being under chiropractic care my ability to concentrate and study improved and I successfully graduated a 5-year chiropractic degree. I performed better at Netball and suffered less injuries. I felt stronger and had more energy. I accomplished a little bit more when I participated in beauty and fashion shows that resulted in me representing NZ at Miss India Worldwide (2014) in Dubai.

After recently becoming a mother I can relate to the everyday symptoms and problems most women face. The constant time and care towards your kids and the neglect on your body. Chiropractic is my savior. It helps me now and played a huge role while I was pregnant. My whole family including my baby receives care and look forward to it.

Chiropractic is much more then treatment for lower back pain. The concept of natural healing through the spine & nervous system makes sense and the possibility of wellness and prevention of dis-ease. Whether you think you need chiropractic or not, we can always give advice on the decisions you want to make for your health. Come and talk to our friendly team, we are happy to help.

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-Dr Brad Sickler
B.Chiro, BSc. MNZCA
ACC Registered

-Joined our team in 2016

Dr Brad Sickler

Our family have always been fortunate to receive great Chiropractic care from some excellent Chiropractors. My father, a farmer, ended up in severe pain lying on the floor unable to get up, being a candidate for spinal surgery. He thought there had to be an alternative. Through Chiropractic care he could return to work and continued to see improvements in health even after his pain had long gone. He realized that our whole family could benefit from chiropractic care, which is where I started my journey.

Growing up in rural New Zealand we would regularly travel to our appointments. The Chiropractors I knew and respected encouraged me to look at Chiropractic as a career choice. Here I am now, providing Chiropractic care in Manukau.

Family is important to me. With growing up on a farm, you spent most of your time with them. We love the beach, boating, fishing, travelling and food!! My partner is Samoan where we share the love of family (and food). It has been a humbling experience learning her culture, language and Fa’a Samoa.

As a health, professional I have a passion to provide lifetime Chiropractic care to families, and the challenge of providing specific care for every individual. It always amazes me how much the body adapts and the positive changes that is made in someone’s health. I feel very privileged to be able to help people through natural Chiropractic care.

Enough about me. Thank you for visiting our website. How can we help you with Chiropractic care? I invite you to try Chiropractic care and experience the difference a healthy spine and nervous system can make for your health and wellbeing.

I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Call our friendly team today.

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-Dr Christine Martin
B. Chiro (NZ), MNZCA
ACC Registered

-Joined our team in 2016

Dr Christine Martin

I didn’t grow up with Chiropractic care, but I sure wish I did. I came into the profession rather by chance, and the more I found out about it, the more I fell in love with it.

I didn’t notice it all at once, but it improved the small things which made an impact on the big picture. I had more energy in the mornings, I was concentrating easier at school and university, my emotional stress was more manageable, my menstrual symptoms were less severe, I had headaches less frequently, I was even sick less often, and I generally had a lot less aches and pains.

These days I am living life to its fullest! My own and my family’s health are important to me. I keep in touch with my swimming, training twice a week with a fitness squad. I am working my way up to doing some ocean swims and maybe even competing again. Outside of the pool, I love to challenge my brain with puzzles and creative DIY projects. My weekends are spent with family and friends, enjoying fine food and the outdoors. We love trying new things, visiting new places and exploring all that there is to offer in our back yard.

The best part about being introduced to Chiropractic is that I get to serve the community here in Manukau to help everyone get that little bit extra out of their life too. Whether its reducing pain and symptoms, accompanying people on their journey of recovery, or improving their overall health and well-being, Chiropractic has something to offer for everyone. The concept is so simple – good spinal health and posture means your body and nerve system are more balanced, and that your power is switched on!

Are you ready to find out what it can do for you?

Pop in for a friendly chat or give us a call to find out how it can benefit you and your family.