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Dr Amreeta Goundar

I grew up in South Auckland, my parents didn’t know what chiropractors were or what they could offer us. It was new to us how adjustments could help with back pain. I had my first chiropractic experience when I was studying Human Anatomy at AUT. After my experience and relief from lower back pain I decided to pursue and help my dad with his life-long back pain.

Since being under chiropractic care my ability to concentrate and study improved and I successfully graduated a 5-year chiropractic degree. I performed better at Netball and suffered less injuries. I felt stronger and had more energy. I accomplished a little bit more when I participated in beauty and fashion shows that resulted in me representing NZ at Miss India Worldwide (2014) in Dubai.

After recently becoming a mother I can relate to the everyday symptoms and problems most women face. The constant time and care towards your kids and the neglect on your body. Chiropractic is my savior. It helps me now and played a huge role while I was pregnant. My whole family including my baby receives care and look forward to it.

Chiropractic is much more then treatment for lower back pain. The concept of natural healing through the spine & nervous system makes sense and the possibility of wellness and prevention of dis-ease. Whether you think you need chiropractic or not, we can always give advice on the decisions you want to make for your health. Come and talk to our friendly team, we are happy to help.

Dr Junaid Khan

Kia Ora,

After receiving chiropractic knowledge, I learned that we have an amazing machine that we call the body that is capable of a lot more than we take for granted. I have studied 5 years at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, which I believe is one of the best chiropractic schools in the world and I have all this information ready to share with my patients. My whole family gets adjusted regularly as well and we have seen better lifestyle outcomes thus. I want to create more of that for the community and I am excited and passionate to be looking after our locals. I grew up in Papatoetoe and around our diverse community so it feels familiar to be here at The Chiropractor Manukau. Whether you play sports, stay home, garden or just work too hard.. I want to see you! I invite you all to come and experience chiropractic care today.

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